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Python Circus
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Wednesday, April 12th, 2006
11:44 am
'And Now For Something Completely Digital...' QUIZ NIGHT! Alan Parker and Mick O'Shea have written an outstanding guide - essential to all Monty Python fans. The book follows the success of Python from their roots in Oxbridge, medicine and political science, through their groundbreaking comedy debuts, the Flying Circus, chart singles, and many adored films. It offers an insight into the characters behind Monty, and a plethora of trivia facts and wise words from Cleese, Palin, Idle, Gilliam and Jones.

Win great prizes and have your book signed by Alan and Mick at the MONTY PYTHON QUIZ NIGHT at Borders Islington this Thursday.

What: Monty Python QUIZ NIGHT!
Where: Borders Islington
When: 7pm, 13th April (Thursday)

Bring a friend, bring four! Just make sure you turn up. Other events will be held at Borders stores accross London including Charing Cross. Ask instore for details.

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Sunday, March 13th, 2005
1:51 am
To all Python fans in or around NYC
(I hope someone hasn't already posted this but...) The Museum of Television and Radio will be presenting an Incomplete History of Monty Python from April till May. I know there's a MT&R in NYC and I believe there is one in LA but not sure about it. It's from the begining of April to the end of May! KICK ASS!
Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
6:15 pm
Never mind me...I'm just spamming.
Monday, January 19th, 2004
2:19 am
Budlem Bear
Hi...I'm new here. I LOVE Monty Python with a passion.
I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I can get a picture of Spiny Norman?

Current Mood: amused
Saturday, September 20th, 2003
9:03 pm
Does anyone want to nominate a favourite Python Moment? For me, it has got to be ' What have the Romans done for us?'
Does anyone know where I can download transcripts on the net?
Come on , Don't be shy....
8:55 pm
The Galaxy Song
Does anyone know the words to the galaxy song? As feature in 'The Meaning of Life?'
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